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Heermann's Gull
Copyrighted Photo courtesy of: Don Des Jardin  


Heermann's Gull
Larus heermanni 

Common fall and winter visitor [July - January] along coast and nearshore waters. [remains through February in Ventura Co.]

Some of the best Central Coast Sites to find it are:

San Luis Obispo County: 
Morro Rock 
Morro Strand State Beach 
Shell Beach cliffs and offshore rocks
Pismo Beach
Arroyo Grande and Pismo Creek mouths

Santa Barbara County: 
Ocean Park 
Rancho Guadalupe Dunes County Park 
Andree Clark Bird Refuge 
Sand Spit in Santa Barbara Harbor 

Ventura County:
Santa Clara River Estuary
Ventura River Estuary
Ormund Beach

Heerman's Gull in flight, courtesy of
Jim Dunn

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