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Hutton’s Vireo
Copyrighted Photo courtesy of: Peter La Tourrette


Hutton’s Vireo
Vireo huttoni

Fairly common permanent resident of oak and riparian woodlands.

Some of the best Central Coast birding sites to find it are:

Monterey County: 
Garland Ranch Regional Park
Andrew Molera State Park
Toro Regional Park

San Luis Obispo County: 
Upper Salinas River
Montana del Oro State Park
Oceano Campground
Santa Marguerita Lake

Santa Barbara County: 
Waller Park, Refugio Road
Lake Cachuma County Park

Cachuma Dam Vista Point

Cachuma Creek Campground

Nojoqui Falls County Park

La Purisima Mission

Waterfowl Natural Resources Area

Miguelito Park

Rocky Nook Park

Ventura County:
Lake Cacitas
Canada Largo Road

Arroyo Verde City Park

Mugu State Park

Santa Paula Canyon and Steckel Park

Wheeler Gorge Campground

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