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Mountain Quail 
Photographed by Barbara Willey in backyard of cabin at Pine Mountain Club (Better photos will be found on references below)

Mountain Quail
Oreortyx pictus

Fairly common permanent resident of montane forests and chaparral.  Secretive and most easily found when calling.

Some of the best Central Coast birding sites to find it are:

Monterey County: 
Chews Ridge and China Camp

San Luis Obispo County: 
Machesna Wilderness 
Cerro Alto Campground 

Santa Barbara County: 
Figueroa Mountain  
East Camino Cielo Road
Bates Canyon [access thru Cottonwood Canyon from Cuyama Valley]

Ventura County:
Mt. Pinos 
Pine Mountain & Lockwood Valley [Lockwood Valley, usually only heard & in spring]

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