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White-tailed Kite
Copyrighted Photo courtesy of: Don Des Jardin

White-tailed Kite
Elanus leucurus

A close-up view, Courtesy of Jim Dunn

Uncommon to fairly common permanent resident of open grasslands and marshlands of coastal plains and inland valleys.  Most easily found after September surrounding areas where they establish nocturnal roosts.  These sites vary from year to year..

Some of the best Central Coast birding sites to find it are:

Monterey County: 
Elkhorn Slough
Andrew Molera State Park

San Luis Obispo County: 
Carrizo Plain
San Simeon State Park 
Los Osos Valley Road

Santa Barbara County: 
Western-most reaches of the Lompoc Valley and 
appropriate habitat between Lompoc and Santa Maria, including

Barka Slough
Patterson Avenue and Atascadero Creek Bike Path
Grassy fields around Santa Maria Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Ventura County:
Oxnard Plain
Rancho Sierra Vista
Wheeler Canyon Road and Aliso Canyon Road
Ormond Beach
Mugu Lagoon
Canada Larga

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