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Beautiful Brown Pelican: Symbol of the Central Coast Birding Trail


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Annual events on the 
Central Coast Birding Trail

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival. 

The return of wintering birds to Morro Bay, California, is celebrated each year at the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival, held over the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend. Located on the central California coast, the Morro Bay area is known for its natural beauty and is a Globally Important Bird Area on the Pacific Flyway. Dozens of Festival events appeal to all birders and to persons interested in Morro Bay, a designated national and state estuary.



Calendar of Field Trips and 
Other Local Events

Most chapters hold regular walks and field trips for both beginning and experienced birders.  
Check the links below for current information.

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Conejo Valley Audubon Society (Ventura County) Event Calendar
Ventura Audubon Society (Ventura County) Newsletter

Pelagic Trips

The California central coast is a perfect place to locate many special pelagic species.  Several carriers and pelagic trip outfitters offer regular trips from each of the four central coast counties. Of special interest are the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara that harbor many unique species. Check the Pelagic Birding page for specifics.



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